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WonderTool Is A Detergent-Free Portable Washing Machine


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WonderTool Improves the Quality of Your Life At Home or On the Road!

A WonderTool washing machine is an ozone machine that oxidizes your water to clean your house and laundry eliminating germs, bacteria, and viruses for uncompromising hygiene.

With this ozone washing machine, you can wash, disinfect, and sterilize virtually any area or object in your home, including dry cleaning your laundry.

Wondertool Portable Washing Machine

The ozone water that is generated replaces the majority of the chemicals required to create the ultimate cleaning outcome.

Ozone Laundry System

This portable washing machine produces a breakthrough laundry process that incorporates the utilization of ozone, a strong oxidizing gas.

Ozone generation is done by mixing oxygen and electricity within the washing system. After that, the ozone is dissolved in the washing water.

The ozone water kills (or “oxidizes”) organic compounds, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microbes in your laundry as it comes into contact with them.

Wondertool Portable Washing Machine For Laundry

Many inorganic compounds, such as soils and greases, are also easily broken apart by ozone.

This makes it simpler for water to extract and wash away harmful pollutants from your laundry.

Ozone washing cleans and sanitizes your clothes more thoroughly, destroying bacteria 3,000 times quicker than bleach.

As a result, your laundry will smell better, fabrics will last longer, and you will use less energy because the system does not require hot water.

How Does Ozone Sanitize?

In comparison to other multi-purpose cleaners, ozone in cold water totally eliminates the most prevalent germs by at least 99.9% in just 30 seconds.

There is no need to let harmful chemicals sit while killing germs.

Many forms of disease-causing viruses, pathogens, and microorganisms, such as Clostridium Difficile or MRSA staph, and other drug-resistant bacteria, are destroyed by ozone.

Ozone kills bacteria by bursting holes in their cell membranes at the molecular level whenever it interacts with them.

This sort of bombardment cannot be prevented by any mutation or other bacterial defensive mechanism.

This indicates that ozone will always prevail in eliminating all germs and viruses!

Cleaning With Ozone

Due to its immediate fatal effect on harmful microorganisms, using the wonder washer’s ozone water is the ultimate way to disinfect your home, office, toys, or surrounding surfaces.

Wondertool Portable Washing Machine For Food

With ozone water, you can detoxify foods.

Use the ozone generator without water to sterilize your smartphone and other accessories, dry clean clothes and smelly shoes, and even remove odors from your pet’s common areas.

The portable washing machine makes a great gift for those living in apartments or having to use laundry mats.

Take the portable washing machine on the road in your camper or on remote adventures for easy cleaning.

Where to Buy WonderTool

Wondertool Portable Washing Machine
WonderTool Portable Washing Machine
$249.00 $299.00
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