World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar Is Like Swallowing Hell Fire


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The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar Will Make You Regret Your Sweet Tooth

The World’s Hottest Chocolate bar is also one of the smallest.  But don’t let its small size full you, if you can eat all of it, you’ve done better than most.

The world’s hottest candy bar comes in twelve tabs of the hottest chocolate you have ever assaulted your taste buds with.

World'S Hottest Chocolate Bar So Hot

What starts out as a sweet treat, quickly feels like a blow torch being fired into your mouth.

If you enjoyed the Burn or Bliss Chocolate or the Toe of Satan lollipop, the world’s hottest chocolate bar is your next challenge.

How Many Scoville Units is the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

The world’s hottest chocolate bar Scoville rating is 9 million due to its special chili extract.

That makes this chocolate bar over four times hotter than the hottest pepper in the world rated at 2.2 million.

World'S Hottest Chocolate Bar Scoville

At that rating, this cast of molten heat is clearly not for everyone.

Keep this chocolate far from any children, pets, or someone who cannot handle their spice.

Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar Challenge

World’s hottest chocolate game is your next challenge in spice exploration should you choose to accept it.

The challenge is to break the bar into twelve pieces.  Then eat one tormenting tablet of chocolate every 60 seconds until you have eaten the bar.

World'S Hottest Chocolate Bar Challenge

If you can pass through this gauntlet of hellfire, no one can argue your bragging rights.

Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar Ingredients

  • Sugar
  • Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel And Cottonseed Oils)
  • Nonfat Dry Milk
  • Cocoa

  • Milk
  • 9 Million Shu Chili Extract
  • Glyceryl Lacto Esters Of Fatty Acids
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Salt

Although this chocolate bar exclusively from VAT19 is not for everyone, it is the perfect way for you and your friends to put your money where your mouth is (literally).

Where to Buy The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

World'S Hottest Chocolate Bar
World's Hottest Chocolate Bar

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