World’s Largest Gummy Bear At 26 Pounds Is A Gargantuan Delight


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The World’s Largest Gummy Bear Will Demand Center Stage at Your Next Party!

The World’s Largest Gummy Bear is a monstrous candy bear that will make your party a memorable one and also includes a 1-liter snack bowl for the belly to serve a drink, candy, or more.

Worlds Largest Gummy Bear

What is the Largest Gummy Bear in the World?

Here are the mind-blowing features of this mammoth candy beast:

  • It is equal to 7,000 regular-sized gummy bears.
  • It weighs approximately 26 pounds.
  • It is nearly 18 inches tall.
  • With 306 servings, costing you 32,000 calories for you to eat in one sitting.

World'S Largest Gummy Bear

NOWHERE is this ginormous grizzly recommended to consume on your own! It’s a good thing it has a one-year shelf life.

The towering teddy could sustain human life on a 2,000-calorie diet per day for approximately 16 days. Although you would be riding a serious sugar high, the crash afterward should grant some deep sleep.

But hey, if you have about 250 friends you want to party with, there is plenty to go around.

Just fill its belly with candy on Halloween, gravy on Thanksgiving, eggnog on Christmas, champagne on New Year’s, and punch on the Fourth of July.

World'S Largest Gummy Bear

Anything edible, including liquids, will find a suitable home in the Party Bear‘s stomach.

The World’s Largest Gummy Bear is available in red cherry, orange, green apple, and blue raspberry flavors.

Where to Buy the World’s Largest Gummy Bear

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