Yarbo The Smart 3 Season Lawnscape Robot


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Yarbo is a 3-in-1 Intelligent Robot that Handles Your Yard Maintenance in Summer, Fall, and Winter

Yarbo is a groundbreaking lawnscaping robot that fulfills yard care needs year-round without burying perimeter cables or wires in your yard.

Mow your lawn in the summer, blow your fall leaves from your yard in the fall, and clear your driveway and sidewalks of snow in the winter.

The smart robot lawn mower integrates multi-purpose functioning from a single unit by attaching simple independent modules, minimizing the need to purchase varying equipment for multiple tasks.

Yarbo Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

Yarbo uses RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology with centimeter-level positioning accuracy, to track its location from the docking station and achieve autonomous navigation.

Combining RTK with magnetic field navigation technology eliminates the concern of temporary satellite signal loss.

Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

Multi-Zone management allows for designating No-Go areas or electing multiple areas all at once.

Yarbo will establish the most efficient path for multiple tasks or oddly shaped yard boundaries and is smart enough to prevent mowing in the same direction repetitively, keeping your lawn healthier.

The M1 lawn mowing module cuts with dual blades at a cut width of 20 inches and cut height can be adjusted between 1.2 to 4 inches.

Once the smart lawnscaping robot has completed its chores, it will return to the true wireless charging dock, with no more electrical shorts or risk of electrical contacts corroding over time.

One of the risks of unmanned lawn mowing is that the kids leave toys in the yard.  Yarbo is equipped with a combination of sensors and state-of-the-art vision to detect and avoid those things.

Yarbo The Smart 3 Season Lawnscape Robot

The automatic lawn mower also detects weather through rain sensors and accesses local weather alerts to make the right choice to mow your lawn or not.

No task is too tough for this robotic lawn mower.  With an all-terrain minimal track design, it handles a slope of up to 68%.

This means it’s strong enough to handle the hills but it won’t tear up your turf while getting the job done.

4G LTE support expands Yarbo’s capabilities so that you can help your neighbor in a pinch through an expanded network coverage up to a 12-mile radius.

Smart Snow Blower

The two-stage snow blower module collects the snow with an auger and shoots the snow out of the chute with an impeller, all with the aid of a high-torque brushless motor.

Yarbo Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

The S1 snow-blowing module can throw snow anywhere between 6 and 40 feet away in the direction of your choice to keep the drifts in your preferred location. 

Now you can tackle dry snow, wet snow, packed snow, and even thin ice.

Smart Leaf Blower

With a fan speed of no less than 20,000 RPM, the B1 blower module clears debris with adjustable wind speeds of 119 MPH.

Yarbo Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

Select your leaf collection area in the app and Yarbo will automatically plan the path for the most efficiency.

Smart App Control

Remotely control your Yarbo lawnscaper through the mobile app to set up multiple workspaces, and restricted areas, and monitor the work and conditions in real-time.

Not a fan of robotic lawn care and you don’t trust the neighbor’s kid with your yard much less an unmanned lawn machine?

You can manually control the Yarbo through the mobile app while you are enjoying a nice cold drink on your deck under the sun shade.

Where to Buy the Yarbo

Yarbo: An Intelligent Yard Robot To Meet All Yard Care Needs
Yarbo: An Intelligent Yard Robot to Meet All Yard Care Needs
Interchangeable Modules | No Perimeter Wire Required | RTK-GPS | Obstacle Avoidance | Intelligent Path Planning | All-Terrain Tracks

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