Zip Stitching Laceration Kit For The Go Bag Or First Aid Kit


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The zip stitching laceration kit by ZipStitch makes a unique addition to any first aid kit or bug out bag.

The surgical quality wound care is effective in rapidly and effectively closing any lacerations that would otherwise require a hospital visit.  Hospitals have used this in over 500,000 procedures to date and now you can use it at home, in the office, camping, fishing, hunting, sports, or mountain biking.  The non-invasive suture kit also goes well with your prepper stash.  The zip closure seals wounds in seconds with no pain or puncture lasting up to 7 days.  The Zip Stitching laceration kit has been proven to be 8x stronger than conventional stitches and results in less scaring.

Here is one what one helpful reviewer had to say:

"I have one and I have no issues with purchasing it compared to another item that is made from a different manufacturer. They charge $50 for a pack of 10 but the minimum order is $100. They look pretty weak. These wound closures are used to close lacerations that are deep but stop short of needing sutures. If you know how and when to use it right, it is a great product!  I am building emergency medical kits (small) for each member of my family and this is a highly required item." - Matthew Garcia


What are other must haves in your emergency kit or go bag?

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